What glassware should I use?

Ginking’s pioneering recipe of sparkling wine and herbal-led London Dry Gin harmoniously blended is a ready-made drink that has a very versatile taste profile and can be enjoyed on its own or with ice and seasonal garnishes. That means our botanically infused fizz can be drunk in an array of different glasses.

An elegant champagne flute or coup are both ideal glassware to appreciate Ginking’s crisp and distinctive aromas.

If you prefer to drink Ginking over ice with garnishes such as an herbal sprig of mint, summer berries, or with a slice of lemon, lime, or orange. Then a gin balloon glass or a high ball would work well particularly well as both glasses have enough room for all elements of your drink.

Here at Ginking our favourite glass to drink our four of our delicious styles in is the universal wine glass so we can switch between enjoying a glass of Ginking on its own or with garnishes and ice.


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