Ginking Hard Seltzer 250ml 5% (24 cans) – new release

New release DEAL. These cans are set to hit the shelves in the New Year at £2.50 a can. Right now you can buy a case for nearly £2 a can, a discount of 20%, while also being the first to try this new truly English product.

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Crafted in Surrey, by The Ginking Company’s founders John Worontschak and Matthieu Elzinga, The Ginking Seltzer is a delicious harmonious blend of Rosé wine, gently carbonated water, and a splash of London Gin, which is filled to the brim with natural botanicals including, pink pepper, star anise, rose petal, and juniper. Resulting in the first Ginking Seltzer having a charming pink hue with a distinctive and crisp aromatic floral taste.

With an alcohol content of only 5% and coming in at just 83 calories, the new flavoursome gluten-free and vegan Ginking Seltzer is perfect for those who want to drink more responsibly without having to comprise on taste or social experiences.  An ideal drink for the busy festive season.

The Ginking Seltzer is best served cold, straight from the can!

5% abv
83 Calories
1.3 units
250 ml
100% refreshing


40 in stock

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