Our story

Ginking’s founder, the spirited Lord John Worontschak; world renowned winemaker and globe-trotting epicurean loves discovering and creating distinctive and exciting alcoholic refreshments. When one glorious summers evening in the great city of London his partner Doctor Hillary challenged him to create a refreshing and unique beverage consisting of her favourite tipples: English sparkling wine and gin and tonic, his imagination and curiosity were whetted. Naturally he rose to the challenge!


The brief was precise; “craft me a drink that is refreshingly dry, packed with enticing flavours that sharpens the mind and stimulates the senses” Doctor Hillary demanded.

Many months later after thousands of trials and innumerable botanical combinations Ginking’s winning formula was perfected...


Ginking Original, a sparkling blend of English white wine and our exclusively made London Dry Gin steeped in natural botanicals was born and the brief was exceeded.

The resultant drink is packed with flavour and refreshment and at only 8.5%, Ginking’s ABV is a third lower than the average sparkling wine.

Ginking is now firmly Doctor Hillary’s favourite tipple and is enjoyed not only in England but around the globe. Pleased at having met the challenge the ebullient Lord Worontschak, never one for resting on his laurels and inspired by his travels has created three additional Ginking derivatives.

The sensational Ginking Rosé, Botanica Italia and Mediterranean all combine wines from a country of inspirational travel destinations combined with locally inspired botanicals.


Ginking, Doctor Hillary’s favourite tipple since two thousand and sixteen.

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