Eat with Ginking

Stay home and enjoy an array of delicious dishes that pair perfectly with all four of our Ginking styles.

The Ginking Mediterranean style is filled with aromas and tastes that remind us of the Mediterranean region. With ingredients that include Spanish white grapes and botanicals such as rosemary, thyme, orange, and pine. Meaning it’s a style that can be appreciated as an aperitif or alongside roasted vegetables or grilled fish drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.

The Ginking Original is packed full of delicate flavours of English white grapes and botanicals that excite the palate, such as cardamom, pink pepper, star anise, and juniper. The Original is a style that can be enjoyed with shellfish and oysters.

The Ginking Original Rosé that includes English grapes and botanicals, is an attractive pale pink and has an alluring taste that goes well with your sweet and savoury afternoon tea favourites. 

The Ginking Botanica Italia is equally as impressive as it delivers refreshing enjoyment in spades. An appealing pale golden straw in colour with ingredients including white grapes from Italy, angostura bark, gentian root, bitter orange, and clove. The Botanica Italia pairs beautifully with Italian dishes such as seafood risotto and antipasti. 


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