Delicious Spring Garnish Ideas

With Spring just around the corner, here are ten delicious garnishes that will spice up your glass of Ginking.

1. Vitamin-packed grapefruit has a brilliant combination of sweetness and tartness that will add extra aroma and taste

2. Juicy sweet and sour raspberries will also give a burst of flavour

3. A sprig of lavender will promise to excite the senses and enhance Ginking’s array of botanical scents

4. Edible rose petal garnishes will bring an extra pink hue to your glass and its delicate floral aromas will further enrich our Ginking Original Rosé variety

5. Pomegranate seeds will not only add a vibrant dash of colour to your drink but a delicious fruity essence too

6. A slice of fresh lemon served on the rocks will highlight Ginking’s harmonious blend of Sparkling wine and London Dry Gin

7. As will the citrus flavour in a slice of orange

8. The unique fresh and floral taste of Elderflower will give your Ginking drink a spring twist

9. You can also add a fresh sprig of mint for that extra aromatic kick

10. In addition to including fresh Strawberries too.


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